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Prisoner's Wives - S2 Ep. 1
MA | Drama

Air Date: Sun 1 Oct 2023

When Francesca finds herself at the heart of a gangland turf-war, how far will she go to protect her family?


About the Show

When someone goes to jail, it's not just the imprisoned person who suffers, it's also the person's family who must deal with life without their husband, father, son or whatever the relationship is. This drama focuses on women and children who are dealing with family members who have been imprisoned for various crimes. Among the women dealing with locked-up family members are Francesca Miller, the wife of a gangster who has a dynamic and fun demeanour on the outside but is a complex, lonely woman who misses her husband on the inside, and straight-lacked Harriet Allison, who is forced to come out of her shell to deal with her only son, Gavin, being sent to prison.