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Survivor UK - S3 Ep. 2
M | Reality

Air Date: Mon 30 Oct 2023

The two tribes go head-to-head in the reward challenge but an injury puts someone's game in jeopardy. Who will win the immunity challenge? Who will be voted out at Tribal Council?


About the Show

Hosted by Joel Dommett, this brand new series of the ultimate physical and psychological game promises viewers a compelling test of brains, brawn and betrayal as players compete to outwit, outplay and outlast their rivals to be crowned the Sole Survivor.

18 people, carefully selected from across the UK are marooned in a tropical location. They are divided into two tribes, competing against each other in a range of physical and mental challenges for reward or immunity.

One by one, players are voted out of their tribes at the iconic Tribal Council, until the two tribes eventually merge and the game becomes a head to head battle. Ultimately, only one person can triumph, winning the cash prize of £100,000 and the title of Sole Survivor.